E Komo Mai - Welcome! This is the web portal access to the pure land of Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden - where our native great perfection is true nature. Enjoy your tour of our sacred place. Aloha.




Our Mission is to cultivate the fertile ground of all life so we more fully embody the luminous and clear presence of the six elements of our true nature. The Ecological Way of Elemental Harmony is the daily way we practice living in harmony with the true nature of all our experiences in accord with the original, native, and organic nature of all that is.


Tapping the root, we strive to continually extract the vitalmost energizing essences of our experiences. Thereby, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves and all beings in harmony with the ever-present, authentic nature of Being Alive itself.


We are supported by means of the everyday rituals of self-responsibility we enjoy via Off-Grid Living.


These include solar power and water catchment for energy; organic foresting and gardening for food;  local, native woods, self-sustaining bamboos, and found scrap for housing; and the precious resource of dedicated sharing of vision-in-action applied to strengthening our local economics.


All this is rooted in and fruiting as genuine expressions of innate and cultivated wisdom, true love and alchemical powers among we who live harmoniously connected as an inter-relating collective of true individuals. We are sharing authentic ways and skillful means that refine and optimize our natural capacities to heal, provide abundance, exhibit artful means of adaptation, and enact wholesome, decisive resolve amidst any and all apparent conditions.


We live and act locally and globally simultaneously for the benefit of ourselves and our precious world.






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