From the fire & ashes of Java's volcano...

Arises the first look at our stupa and resident goddess, the Lotus Wisdom Dakini of magnetizing enlightening activity, Kurukulle (whose ever-fresh, most refined style & irresistible grace is modelled on an 11th c. fashion housed in Bihar)! The short story: It's early in 2012. Jade, a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor says to me, "Why don't we all celebrate Summer Solstice for a week by going to New Mexico and doing Kundalini Yoga? I say, "Sure. Let's do it!" She, ever the Jade Green Tara of Swiftly Accomplishing Buddha Activty that she is, buys round-trip plane tickets for herself & me, with our 1.5 year old son, Alaka'i, in tow.

But our return to Big Island, Hawai'i, isn't for more than a month thereafter. We briefly discuss what we're gonna do for more than a full month after we're done in NM. I say, "Lemme check." Very shortly thereafter, I'm on-line googling I-don't-remember-what random BuddhaDharma stuff & the name of my old Dharma friend, Three Year Retreat teacher, and Lama, Tulku Sangngak Rinpoche pops up. Mind you, since completion of that retreat in Nepal, early 1997, I haven't heard word one of him. I'd lived my life with all-in devoted dedication to my practice of meditation and my most kind Buddha Wisdom teachers for more than 12 years and needed to refresh my experience of my favorite extreme sport.

I wore out my young man pilgrim shoes. I wore out my novice monk's robes. I wore out my cave-dwelling mantrika's wolf skin coat. I wore out my 9 foot-long Bhutanese raw silken lama shawl. Let's wear a suit & tie & Diesel & Pumas for a while instead! I moved to Los Angeles and became a mutual funds broker for a year. Dropped that. I went to UCLA Graphic Arts Program for a while longer. I dropped that before Y2k. I worked in the Hollywood TV & Film world for a while longer again. Dropped that.

It's Spring, 2002. I have a lucid dream of standing at the mouth of a lava tube just above the surging ocean crashing on a sheer, gnarly cliff face, where, an irresistible magnetic force sucks me into the molten lava-filled tube. My skin, flesh, then bones disappear in the exquisite heat. I/Naked Awareness-mind move timelessly further in & instantly up. I am spat out. I am now sitting in full lotus above a full moon reflecting glacial mountain peak. I awaken and my heart's voice says, "I want to go HOME!" Now that's my kind of "rebirthing/resurrection!"

I then immediately saw popping in space the ginormous, seemingly existent, rainbow thought bubble of moving to New Zealand and instantly decided I was moving back to Hawai'i; to Grandmother Pele's haunt in Puna, Big Island, after an absense from the islands of over 25 years. This sticks. Mayjah!

Come 2009, near Winter Solstice, Saturday AM, I'm hitch-hiking to the beach. Next thing, I've got a lovely, wish-fulfilling jewel of a woman and ultra-blessed little boy-child plus all manner of fruitful blessings happening.

So, there is Rinpoche--on my laptop in 2012--which wasn't even possible when we first met a full 20 years prior. Last I saw, he was an ordained pillar of the monastic community at Zhechen Gonpa, Boudhanath. Nowly, he's living in Santa Fe, NM, with five kids offered by his lovely & wise American-born wife of noble family, Khandro Melong Yeshe, who, I haven't seen since she was sweet 16--even before I met Rinpoche during his first trip to the States in 1992, when he was invited by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche to give the complete, month-long Terma transmission of Terchen Tsasum Lingpa, at Rigdzin Ling, which I attended.

My vessel was fully filled & super-stoked by the experience. No Coca-Cola. This initiation stuff is the real thing [if we are]! Based on that most profound, living BuddhaDharma connection, when it was time for me to return to Nepal to do my Three Year Retreat, it was this Teaching lineage that became my Spiritual core-Practice lineage. Not Chatral Rinpoche Sangyay Dorje & Longchen Nyingthig--as planned by not me.

So, it's been well over a decade since I've seen or heard of him. He's now also the founder of The Garden of One Tousand Buddhas in Arlee, MT. []. And it's time to consecrate this magnificent project he's envisioned and realized for our precious, ailing globe that begs for peace. The timing of the consecration is perfect: a full month of all-good ol' fashioned Old School (Nyingma) Dharma Partying starting a week after Solstice Celebration finishes. We have a plush ride for making fly lots of highway time without any hurry so we pilgrimage our way through Taos, Crestone, Utah, etc. till we arrive in Big Sky's treasure state, in Arlee, and plug in with nice digs.

Rinpoche and I reunite slowly in an utterly refeshed and refreshing world that is the wonderous splendour of Dharma Living. By the end of the month, Rinpoche has entrusted me with a very special gift. It's just a cardboard box jam-packed with stuff. And it's the heart of each of the 1,000 stupas that make up the Dharma Wheel rim's edifice that surrounds the heart center hub of the Garden: a magnificent statue of Yumchenmo-The Great Mother of All Buddhas, Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom.

On the day of our departure Rinpoche, Melong Khandro-la, Jade and I meet to talk Dharma-story. He says, "Now that you have the box, you must give it a home!" He commissions us to bring a stupa to our home in Hawai'i. He gives the contact info. Moreover, he tells us of a prophetic dream he had that is being realized through our collaboration. We say, "YES!"

After oceans of waves of living on-going, here it is--our great and glorious Gift of sublime compassionate service from all the Buddha Wisdom beings--serenely continuing unscathed while a volcano, Mount Kelud, blows its top on Valentine's Day nearby it, on our ancient sister fire island of Java.

The Spiritual Heart of Great Compassion [Tukje Chenpo/Maha Karunika/Avalokitevara] is like this. Such a Big, True Love. Tutu Pele, the primal Gate Keeper of the Sacred Fire in our home, is like this, too, Hawai'i Island stylee.

Like Yumchenmo at the hub, we are at home living with Grandmother Pelema in her cervix at the center of this roiling hot, flowering Ring of Fire that is this most fertile birthing center of the planet... With love, joy, and unspeakable waves of increasing gratitude. YES! Vision is fully manifesting. It's all happening.

Sarva Mangalam!


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