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  the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa.


                                                   ~ Aloha Kākou, Tashi Delek, Namāsakam, Sat Nam, and Hi! ~ 

                                                        Thank you for tuning into our Stupa Project!













As of the New Moon/Spring Equinox/Eclipse, March 20, 2015, we, the founders of the Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden, William and Jade are happy to share the great good news of a very wonderful "birthday." The Enlightenment Stupa we were commissioned to bring to Puna Makai by H.E. Gochen Tulku Sangngak Namchak Tendzin Rinpoche has arrived in excellent form. Thus, Phase One of the Stupa Project is now complete. Thanks to all of you who donated to it in any way, especially those who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign late last year. The proceeds of that went directly to sponsoring my pilgrimage to Indonesia to prepare and send off the Enlightenment Stupa to us here. Please know that while at the top level of the Great Borobudur Stupa complex on Winter Solstice I made many lamp offering prayers, fulfillment, aspiration and dedication of merit prayers for swiftly accomplishing the health, well being, good fortunes, temporal and ultimate happiness for us and all living beings. Shubam!



















   Those of you unfamiliar with this 4+ ton labor of Dharmic love-offering can go here to learn more about "Phase One" of the Stupa Project.

















                  Now for the Inaguration of "Phase Two."         Currently, this is how our stupa and offering vases are - crated.













The stupa was made completely by hand by the master carver, Jon Wayrono, from most excellent quality black lava rock he quarried from Central Java, Indonesia's Mount Merapi-a very active volcano like our own Mauna Kilauea, the home of our resident local goddess, Tutu Pele. According to Tulku Sangngak, in the ancient Indo/Tibetan Tantric Buddhist worldview, she has long been known as "the Glorious Goddess the Smoking One"  [Shri Devi/Paldan Lhamo Dudsolma]. She has been highly revered as the pre-eminent protectress of the snowy lands of Tibet.


Furthermore, at the time we were commissioned in Montana to establish a home for a stupa here in Puna Makai, Tulku Sangngak shared a personal story with us. He was at the home of a student in Mount Shasta, California, giving teachings. During the night he had a dream that a plume of pure white smoke which then transformed into a peaceful white goddess arose from the peak of the mountain, donned wings, and began flying away. But not before announcing that she was the Glorious Smoking Goddess who was taking flight and returning to her ancient home -- to the Island of Hawai'i's realm called, Halema'ma'u -- the home of Tutu Pele [I read here name as an abbreviated form of the Tibetan, padma•las•{kyi• dbang•mo•che} or "Lotus Family Enlightening Activity{'s Grand Queen}"].
















I then shared with him the title of something I had written in 1996 while in Three Year Retreat in Nepal under his guidance. From my perspective, when Tulku Sangngak was sharing with us his story, I knew the stupa was to be dedicated to the Ever-Fresh Awareness Dakini Smiling Lotus Knowingness Exhibiting Perfect Artistry [ye•shes•dakki•padma•bshad•pa•rig•byed•rtsal•] as indicated by the title of this text.


Since the commission in Summer, 2012, much has grown for Jade and myself. Like pregnancy, we have been stretched to "make room" for this living, breathing "entity" in ways not easy to describe. Primarily, this has meant the purchase of land suitable to optimize the monumental blessing power of such a living conductor of Buddha Wisdom Mind's primordial presence. We found the SPOT at the end of an old back road in Malama Ki worthy of such a dedicated investment. When Tulku Sangngak and family recently visited and he chose the exact site for the Stupa, he, himself, agreed the place is a sanctified pure land rivalling the famous "secret land" of Pema Kod in southernmost Tibet.
















           The chosen site for the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa at the Lotus Born One's Heavenly Playground a Delightful Garden Sanctuary



We found this perfect place in Autumn, 2012. Since then, we have been pouring everything into cultivating the marvelous fertility and perfect geomantic harmony of this place. By virtue of practicing organic means of gardening, exotic tropical food forestry along with native Hawaiian reforestation, and bringing unique botanical wonders of natural beauty from all over the world - the rare and precious gifts of True Nature's bounty -  we are actualizing this primordially pure land as a most beautiful and divine form I call, Padma Khachyod Gats'al Ling, or

"The Lotus-Born's Heavenly Playground a Delightful Garden Sanctuary."




We officially opened the Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden on New Moon/Equinox with a small gathering doing Tibetan style rituals to offer prayers, give thanks, make aspirations and dedications of merits. This event coincided with the arrival of the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa. All this occurred just one/two days before Tulku Sangngak, Melong Khandro and Family bolted in to the Garden to bless the Stupa site.


















Now for PHASE TWO Part One: The Stupa Consecration preliminaries.


First, a brief introduction to the main reason the Stupa Project is being birthed here, at this time.



                                                              Merit, the Buddha declared, is one thing

                                                              that fire nor even an earthquake can destroy,

                                                              nor can water drown its effect.

                                                              Thieves cannot steal it nor can the State

                                                              take it away by levy of a tax.

                                                              In other words, merit is indestructible by others.


'Merit' or puñya (in Sanskrit) can be well understood as "an individual's enacting consciously living relationships with universally positive energy resources." This 'merit' is that which purifies and cleanses the mind. This 'merit' is what consciously harnesses the wholesome, constructive powers of the universal law of the 'wheel of cause and effect' or "karma" so we may learn to change and truly evolve to our highest potential. Rather than merely revolve endlessly wound up in the rat race of the wheel of cyclic existence. Merit has the power of purifying the mind of greed, hatred and delusion and replacing ignorance with wisdom.


Thus, merit can be looked upon as those actions that improve the quality of the mind. These tend to raise the level on which the mind usually runs by refining and purifying it of grosser mental defilements. It is the making of merit that ensures one to lead a balanced and a harmonious life. Our world needs and is calling to us to wake up and learn to live in elemental harmony--within ourselves and with all creation.


Another fruit of merit is that “merit opens doors every where.” The meritorious wo/man generally finds her/his way unobstructed. Whatever work s/he takes up, s/he is able to bring it to a successful conclusion. Merit lubricates her/his progress. And the power of merit can be experienced in this very life and/or in the next. Therefore the Buddha explained:



                            "Here s/he is glad, in the next life s/he is glad. The meritorious wo/man is in both worlds glad.

                            Thinking, ‘I have made meritʼ, s/he is glad. Still more glad is s/he when gone to realms of bliss."



A most excellent way to make merit, without even needing to be a "Buddhist" is to participate in constructing stupas. That's because the stupa embodies the non-dual Wisdom-mind of a buddha. According to the Guhyasamâja Vajra Tantra, “A stupa is a palace where the Buddhas abide.” In Explanation of the Root Precepts of Theravada Buddhism, it is written that “the Stupa is the Dharmakaya.” In this respect, according to the Sutra of the Great Accumulation of Treasures (the Maharatnakuta Sutra), “There is no difference between the merit of those who make offerings while I am alive and those who make offerings to a stupa after my nirvana. And wherefore? For a buddha is the pure manifestation of the Dharmakaya, [ultimate truth or "Spirit"] and not Nirmanakaya [the physical body].” Therefore, the stupa is a symbol of the Three Jewels, it is a quintessential representation of a buddha’s Dharmakaya, and embodies the mind of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha. More can be learned here.


Because of the extraordinary opportunity to create merit [the self-made virtuous causes and conditions helpful for each individual's realization of perfect elightenment], we are opening up the Stupa Project to anyone and everyone near and far who would like to make a connection with this enlightening activity by offering his/her services in ways helping to complete the Stupa Project.


We are offering a variety of ways for you to make this auspicious Dharmic connection, the "karmic ripples" of such offerings are said to last until your own perfect and complete enlightenment as a buddha, yourself. That's what this Stupa Project is for.


In brief, these offerings can be offered in various forms:

You can work on the stupa site &/or the stupa itself 

You can provide various materials used for the stupa & site

you can offer money of any amount used to finance the Stupa Project's completion [Those interested in offering money can please click the  

  "Donate" tab above.].



PHASE TWO Part One: The Preliminaries has two parts: the PLACE and the STUPA itself.



The PLACE chosen by Tulku Sangngak and myself for the stupa site [pictured above] needs to be polished into a Garden sanctuary.


First, we will prepare the site. This requires some manual hand clearing and a small amount of bulldozing work be done to remove a clump of bamboo, remove stumps and smooth the ground into a more flat, level space for gatherings. We then will bring in large loads of cinder soil for a flattened ground cover planting medium for beautiful, maintenance-free, drought-resistant Zyosia grass. The cinder soil will require raking by hand.


Second, we will beautifiy the site with a celebrating of the miraculous qualities of Nature by planting wonderful floral offerings from the world and especially those found natively in Hawai'i that are endangered and rare. We have already been offered some native lowland White Sandalwood seedlings. All these plantings will need cultivated care for planting - digging holes, fertilizing, mulching, etc..


a. PREPARATION: hand-clearing, bulldozing, cinder soil and raking [& financial sponsorship applicable]

b. BEAUTIFICATION: donation of flora and tree/plant care [& financial sponsorship applicable]



The STUPA itself is a large ritual endeavor with many parts requiring many hands offering help to achieve it's complete perfection of Part One.


First, are the materials for the 100,000 Sa-Tsas


We are doing this literally from the ground up, the "old fashioned way." This means we are not using any petrochemical-based plasics/polymers  for the creation of the 100,000 [yes, one-hundred thousand!] miniature stupas called in Tibetan, "sa-tsas." Instead, we are recognizing the most ancient ritual practice of relying upon and revering the sacredness of the primordial perfection of the original Five Elements not fabricated by Dow Chemical Inc., and the like. We are relating directly with the in-tact primordial Source-of-all in order to heal, preserve, enrich, empower, and fully optimize the primordial elemental integrity of these very bases sustaining the vital Wisdom energies essential to self-optimizing our innate Buddha Nature in it's eminent great perfection.


Therefore we are calling out to those of you in the world who know of, love, and have access to sacred resources of the elements and sacred pilgrimage spots; such as earth from Mayan pyramids, water from the source of the Ganges in India, sands and pebbles from the epic surf spots of the world, pure lavender and fragrant herbal plants from France and elsewhere, as well. These are just examples. Offerings need not be limited to the Tibetan Buddhist worldview of such places or limit the treasured gifts such places make available to you. Any such pure, organic, raw items found in their native, sacred spot possessing the native, pure, organic power that heals, enriches, and magnetizes positive energies and removes negative energies can be placed in a bag, bottle or box and sent by post or delivered to us for inclusion, along with your names/prayers/wishes/dedications. What makes it "sacred" is you by means of your "pure view."


Those of you familiar with the Tibetan worldview of sacred sites/substances and such medicinal preparations associated with "accomplishment substances" such as ring•sel•, sman•sgrub• or bcud•len•, for example, are invited to offer from such precious resources as well. Even the residue of such left on the wrapping paper, by means of the perfected attitude and application of Samantabhadra's inexhaustible offering cloud-forms, is of infinite enlightening value.



These offerings will be the clays used to make the 100,000 sa-tsas to be housed, sealed and consecrated within the Stupa itself.



Also for inclusion are offerings of any kind of "jewels," i.e. precious items with gold, silver, copper, bronse, pewter, and the like or jewelry made of precious, semi-precious or non-precious materials. Whatever is felt worthy of being offered into the Stupa for inclusion is welcomed!



We also will be designing a walk-way for circumambulating around the Stupa. Any substance thought worthy of being offered as a support to making a smooth path for encountering this conductor of Buddha Mind for all beings is also invited. Stones, shells, tiles, glass, sand, clay, etc.are all welcomed! Help assembling the blocks making the traditional Indonesian temple entryway, the gapura, is also requested.



It's your offering to your innate Buddha-Mind self-manifesting as the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa. All merits of such generous offerings will be shared universally and dedicated extensively to your and all our infinite relations' throughout timeless space realizing pure and total wakefulness.



That's it for now. Stay attuned.


Malama Pono.
Swasti Siddham!